A little bit about us:

 Our socks are now officially on the market! After spending over 6 months on research and development for quality and comfortability TCG footwear has arrived.

So far, these socks have gotten people: out of arguments, created bonds from humor, distracted bosses/speakers in the room, given high school teens extra credit on assignments, and has broken quite a few necks in the gym. Take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $30 USD and order your pair here today!

Our socks are made from cotton, polyester, spandex, and love. We provide shipping via Amazon Prime, we also choose the cheapest and fastest shipping from a postal service nearby if you order from this website; as well as provide shipping at our own expense (inside the continental U.S) if you order over $30 worth of funny socks.

We stand behind our quality in the socks we produce and sell, as well as bringing people together through humor. Get yours today and experience a what a comfortable laugh is.

Have any issues with your socks? If you received a pair of defective socks, please send us a screenshot of the socks and email the picture along with your name and address to [email protected] and we’re more than happy to send you a new pair or reimburse your order. (: