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Finding the best socks for your everyday use

Choosing an outfit can take time and give you a bit of anxiety when you want to make sure you look perfect for your next move. Choosing your socks can be just as crucial. Here in our funny sock blog, we’re here to address these issues.


When you work in an office-type of an environment and walk around in your dress shoes all day, wearing a cheap pair of socks can lead to foot aches after a while.

Preparing for a nice hike next week? Make sure you have a nice pair of running shoes or boots and a comfortable pair of socks to go along with it! 

In the next few sentences in our article, I’m going to dive into specific qualities and fabrics you should look for when you’re out shopping for socks in the future!


In the future when you stumble across a bundle of socks on sale and they look like a great deal, check the material it’s made from. Personally, I can confidently say the more cotton mixed in the fabric, the more comfortable and soft the socks felt.


There is always a dilemma though when you have cotton as the majority or sole material in your socks.

They shrink when you dry them, and then after you put them on they lose their quality too!


The tip to keep your socks at close to full length and in prime condition; AIR DRY THEM.


Upon discovering this method, I’ve been air drying all my socks. Including the pairs that have the fabric formula’s half balanced with polyester or nylon, I was able to see and feel the difference. 


Polyester is another keyword you should look for in your search for a comfortable pair of socks. Be sure you have the right amount though, too much added in the formula can end up drenching your feet.

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What is the circle game and where did it come from?


A question asked quite often by victims of the game. This is a physical game that is played by forming your hand into a circle and holding it below your waist. Anyone who is caught looking at it is likely to get punched or given a neck. Believe it or not but this isn’t an old game made up in the 16th century. Rather a fairly new game created by Matt Nelson sometime during the 1980’s.

How do you play?

Well, it’s really a back and forth type of game you will play with your friends. It cost no money, but it can get you a few bruises if you aren’t careful! The game is played by placing your fingers anywhere below your waist. But does not specifically need to be held on your waist, it works on a pair of socks as well!

circle game funny socks

circle game funny socks

Are you able to get punched if they hold their hand above the waist?

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