Are you finding yourself a little too glued to your screen on an hourly basis? I’m going to help you try to unwind from the technology aspect and find your spiritual side.

It’s very easy to be focused on tasks given to you, especially if your monthly income is dependent on it, but too much could definitely cause a bad habit to be subconsciously built.

Our species can build habits better than vehicles, phones, anything you can imagine is practically built from finding a habit and exploiting that habit, dragging people into an interested spiral.

The first step to building a better phone usage habit (in our day and age it may be impractical to completely get rid of our phone) is going to be the acknowledgment stage. First, we need to understand we have a problem with how many hours we spend on certain tasks.

Then, you need to build a new habit, which consists of three steps, a cue, routine and reward. Now each cue in this scenario would be looking at your phone, for any reason. The routine should be implemented so it happens hourly, and if you aren’t following your own set program, even if you skip just one time, you need to give yourself a consequence to ensure you’re back in your routine the following day.

The reward part should be something you enjoy, or it won’t work. If you get used to the reward, step it up to a better one, and watch as your addiction slowly disappears, and a new positive habit forms.

Here is an example:     Cue—> phone message    Routine —–> ignore message/social notification          Reward—–> Spend 30 more min at the gym, take a 30 min hike, meditate for a period of time, or even set a period of time in your day to look at your phone, as long as it’s a positive habit, it will benefit you.

You can use this method for any habit in life! If you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends and family!

Thanks for reading.